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Digital Security Training Workshop

Digital Security Training Workshop

LTech organised a Digital Security Training Workshop on the 6th of September, 2019 from 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM. in collaboration with the Software Freedom Law Center. conducts Digital Security Trainings as one of its initiatives offering training to a diverse group of people who are active users of the Internet, and services within it such as social media platforms. The training involved a 2-2.5 hrs session which covered the security aspects of digital media use and communication. The training session covered the following modules on:

1. Privacy (the legal aspects of the domain)

2. Data Breaches/Leaks (which helps people identify/classify data and take appropriate measures to protect it)

3. Data Profiling (this covers the practices of different actors which profile Internet users according to their activities on the Internet)

4. Threat Modelling (which is a DIY exercise which equips the attendee to gain a better understanding of his/her data)

5. Safety Measures (this module covers general steps which equips the attendee to develop healthy habits in using digital devices/services).

6. Privacy/Security Tools (this module aims to introduce the attendees to some effective tools that can be used to safeguard the Privacy/Security of the attendees).

7. Social Media Security (this module covers walk-throughs of the privacy settings of different social media platforms/apps).

Why DST sessions are beneficial?

All of us are consumers of digital devices and online services. And none of us can say that we don’t hoard sensitive information in our devices and within our accounts. Take our cellphones for example. Most of us use smartphones for our telecommunications and we also hold sensitive information such as financial information, client contacts, personal messages, images/videos, geo-location and in certain cases, bio-metric information. People who possess data that belong or pertain to others have a greater degree of liability in protecting it. Also, different actors exists in the real world who are preying for access to private and personal information or systems. The training programme should equip the participant in adopting effective safety measures and safeguards while being online on the Internet for work or for personal purposes.