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Law and Liberty Conference

Law and Liberty Conference

The Law and Technology Society & Centre for Civil Society organised the 3rd edition of the Law and Liberty Conference which was held in the Allen and Overy Conference Hall, NLSIU on 24th and 25th of November 2019. 

The theme for this year’s conference was Perspectives on Liberty in a Digitised India. The LLC aims to explore the nexus of legal thought and practise with the core ideas of personal and economic liberty. The objective is to provide an opportunity for rigorous academic/legal analyses and dialogue on issues most pertinent to the exercise of liberty, and the role of law in securing and impeding the same. The Law and Liberty Conference provides a strong platform for the meeting of legal experts, government, and industry. 


This edition of the Law and Liberty Conference comprised of

  • Three expert panels covering the spheres of bankruptcy, cryptocurrency, and access to justice in the backdrop of personal and economic freedom.
  • Panel experts providing a  variety of perspectives, from academia, governance as well as legal practice.
  • Introductory sessions on Institutional and Public Choice economics with its relation to Governance and Regulatory structures.